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  • A girl should be two things.. Classy & Fabulous

    A girl should be two things.. Classy & Fabulous



As she holds the royal name, Elizabete also likes to be treated like a royalty. Her origins comes from Russia where she was born. Now, for already 10 years Elizabete lives in Riga and is known as one of the society ladies - good looking ladies who likes to visit all exclusive parties in city, take a leading role in boulevard press and enjoy the glamorous lifestyle. Elizabete was also a star of local TV reality show few years ago where she gained the popularity of wider audience.

What she likes

  • Language: Russian, English/li>
  • Drinks: Grey Goose vodka with lemon juice
  • Car: Rolls Royce
  • Club: "Coyote Fly"
  • Restaurant: "Vincents"
  • Holiday location: New York
  • Parfume: BVLGARI
  • Flowers: Roses
  • Bags by: Versace
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Hobbies: Modelling, TV shows
  • Loves shoes by: Moya Bowler
  • Wardrobe: Chic, posh
  • Character traits: adventurous
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