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  • A girl should be two things.. Classy & Fabulous

    A girl should be two things.. Classy & Fabulous



Barbara is the mysterious girl. Always with the smokey eyes and a lot of questions but besides these two character traits she is also a wonderful cheerleader. Her cheerleading team take part in many sport and social events. Always in shape and good looking as a real cheerleader. Barbara is also cheerleader of life - she enjoys every minute she can spend partying and dancing. if you wish to dance with somebody and have a big party plans on your mind invite Barbara to join.

What she likes

  • Language: Latvian, English, Russian
  • Drinks: Hennessy
  • Car: Range Rover
  • Club: "Coyote Fly"
  • Restaurant: "Library No1"
  • Holiday location: Vegas
  • Parfume: Dior Poison
  • Flowers: Roses
  • Bags by: Michael Kors
  • Cuisine: European
  • Hobbies: Dancing, cheerleading
  • Loves shoes by: Patrick Cox
  • Wardrobe: Chic, sporty
  • Character traits: Open minded, adventurous
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